eLearning in UK Schools – the future is looking good :)

Last week I had the pleasure to watch a great presentation from staff and pupils at the outstanding Perins Shool in Hampshire, England. During their studies, pupils undertake ‘Transform classes‘ that aim to develop creative thinking. I enjoyed hearing how the learners are encouraged to work together to solve problems using a variety of electronic media & devices:

  • Laptops and smart phones to capture and record information
  • Moodle to provide a framework, pose questions
  • The web/social media to research the answers & make connections
  • Mahara to combine and refine the answers (or ask further questions!)

What I love most is that the pupils are encouraged to work in ways that will enhance and develop their skills, skills that *most* professionals use such as effective group working, delegation and researching on the web. Anyway, the video below was played during their presentation and my jaw just hit the floor 😉


‘Healthy Communities’ – Supporting Health Education with Technology

2015 is already shaping up to be a very busy year for me!

I am excited to announce that a paper proposal my colleague (Andrew Doig) and I have written has been accepted at the first ever ‘Healthy Communities’ conference. The conference is being organised by the Solent Health and Wellbeing Network and aims to bring together local partners to share good practice:



Our proposal:

Innovating Health & Wellbeing Education with Learning Technologies

“Sam Taylor and Andrew Doig, along with their colleagues in SSU’s Learning Technologies team, have done a great deal of work supporting Health & Wellbeing teaching and learning activities. During this presentation they will demonstrate some of the projects they have been involved in, and suggest ways in which other practitioners present may enhance their student, client or external partner’s experience through the use of online and other technologies.

Within SSU, LT has worked with course teams to produce an Open Resource for the Social Work community showcasing student research, created ‘mock-up’ pages in the hope of securing external contracts, and will be piloting the use of ePortfolios with both the Health & Social Care, and Social Work degrees.

LT also work with external partners in the Health sector. We will demonstrate our strategy for working with externals to develop online distance learning courses that serve a variety of purposes, such as training in health techniques, or education in specific health fields. We apply the Solent Online Learning standards to support and train our partners in developing very high quality online learning experiences that have been used to educate patients, doctors and medical students.

Ultimately, it is our hope that by presenting our work, we can demonstrate and inspire ways in which educators and health practitioners attending the conference can innovate their teaching and training through the use of learning technologies.”

Hopefully I will be able to share our slides and feedback at some point after the event 🙂 How exciting!