Social Media

When is too many, too many?

I have tried to have a play with lots of free social media and Web tool sites so that I am able to give an honest appraisal of each one. For this reason you will find that a Google search of my name may come up with lots of sites and appear cluttered. It may be even more stranger now that I have recently gone through a 6 month period of ‘rebranding’ (Samantha Moss to Sam Taylor). I used to be concerned about this as I didn’t want to come across to others as un-focused, but in actual fact all of this has helped me to get a grasp of what’s good for my colleagues and students to consider when:

  • designing assessment tasks
  • building up a professional online profile
  • using tech to support every day occurrences
  • creating a Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Anyway, here’s a list of sites that I have created for lots of different purposes:

All-round use:




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