Good bye Solent!

Today marks the end of my Solent journey. I have been working here since August 2007 and have worn many hats over the years. I am sad as I have made so many awesome friends here over the years. It is also my ‘home’ as it’s where my family chose to settle after years of moving around with my Dad’s job. It’s the place where I’ve learnt my ‘trade’ as a Learning technologist and have enjoyed the freedom that my managers have given me over the years to explore areas that I felt enthused about, alongside projects that were handed to me.

  • To Steve Lake, thanks for taking a chance on me and giving me my first job at Solent all those years ago!
  • To my Dean of Service, Elizabeth Selby & Line Manager, Steve Hogg who’ve both been on all my LT interview panels, thanks for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to realise my potential.
  • To my lovely Learning Technology chums past and present – Alex, Andrew, Andy, Ann, Christina, Clare, Daran, Helen, Jenny, Julian, Lee, Loo, Nick, Paul, Richard, Roger, Rosemary, Sophia & Timos. You are all like family to me x I will be back every now and then (just remember to invite me!) 🙂
  • To the Graduate Associates Hannah, Sofy, Jack, Domi & Tom – so happy to have played a part in your first steps from being a student to becoming a professional 🙂
  • To all the academics and support staff – thanks for giving me lots of fun things to do!
  • Finally to my dear friend and mentor Lorry – thanks for giving me the kick up the backside I needed. Without you I would have never moved forward to where I am now. I wish you were still with us and I miss you every day xxx

Now, it’s time for Samwise’s next adventure…

Kisses x


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