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My report from MaharaMoot 2014 – Germany (#MahDE14) Part 1

Landesmedienzentrum, Karlsruhe, Germany

Just got back from a wonderful ‘unconference’ – the Mahara Barcamp which took place in Karlsruhe in Germany. I had no idea what a Barcamp was, but now that I do, I’d like to enlighten you:

  1. A timetable/framework is prearranged with timings, breaks and keynotes.
  2. After the first keynote has finished, the audience are asked to pitch their ideas for sessions they’d like to offer, or topics that they’re interested to find out more about.
  3. If you’re successful and people vote for you, you’re then added to the timetable:



Key ‘takeaways’:

I have the following questions based on my experiences (further details are found further in my second post

  1. How can we encourage our staff to be more engaged in TEL?
  2. Can we discover new ways of using Mahara?
  3. Should we encourage our students to demonstrate how they are meeting the assessment criteria and learning outcomes when they submit their work? Similar to cross referencing NVQ style work (portfolio building).

My workshop:
I decided that I was going to conduct a workshop on how to ensure you get the best response from your students when using Mahara. I talked about the different processes I put my Solent lecturers through when helping them pull together activities for their students to use. I had a great turnout with about 18 attendees in the room:


I showed how important it was for teachers to understand what a great ePortfolio looked like and would therefore be able to guide their students towards compiling a great final piece of work.

My Keynote:

I was honoured to be asked to present a keynote talk on the Saturday and decided to talk about how we as a team support Mahara across the university. I will be working with my colleague Andy Wilkin to produce a slick video that summarizes my talk.

Please continue…

Please continue to Part 2 

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