Badges – spreading the word!

Badges help to spread the word about your skillset that often doesn’t appear on your academic transcript.

After my excitement yesterday of getting badges to work in our Moodle, I quickly started working on a help site for our lecturers (with the help of Julian – @jpodcaster). We are both working through the 101 What are open badges? course from P2PU and our final project involves creating something to show a summary of what we’ve learned. Therefore I’d like to share with you a bit of our ‘work in progress’:


The site is for all of our lecturers in the hope that they will look to use badges with their own students. It gives an overview of what badges are, links to great resources, ideas of how to use external badge-making sites, as well as how they can use Moodle to issue badges linked to activities.

Want to see it?

We hope to send this site to some of our lecturers in the near future. If you want to see what the page looks likes, have a look at a pdf of the webpage: Course_ Open Educational Badges or visit the course page: (password: p2pufriend)

We have also created a badge for our lecturers who engage in the following activity:

 Activity details

Criteria for earning your badge

  1. Have a look at some of the resources on this page which include:
    • the video at the top of this page,
    • the PowerPoint presentation from Mozilla on Open Badges 
    • the section on how to make your badges
    • the section containing case studies
  2. Have a think about how you could use badges with your students. What will they be for? How will your students earn them? What evidence will you be looking for? 
  3. Submit your thoughts to the Learning Technology team via the ‘Claim your badge‘ submission link. You can either write your thoughts into the text box or upload them as a word document. 

Once you have submitted your idea, a member of Learning Technologies will issue you your badge and then contact you about getting your idea off the ground!


So far it’s the ‘non’ academic teams who are interested – HR & the Students’ Union. Fingers crossed it catches on!

Sam 🙂


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