OpenBadges > Mozilla > Moodle = Simples!

Hi all,

Just received my two badges from the recent Mahara UK conf – one for presenting and one for attending. As we have just upgraded to the latest version of Moodle I thought I’d give the ‘badges’ feature a go!


  1. I accepted the badges that were sent to me via email (using my personal Mozilla Backpack log in) and attached my evidence (a link to this blog!)
  2. I then logged into my Mozilla Backpack and made a public collection called ‘Moodle & Mahara’ and dragged all my badges that I wanted to display into it
  3. I then went to the badges section in my profile in our Moodle, entered my details for my Mozilla Backpack, chose my ‘Moodle & Mahara’ collection.


It was so simple!




I am hoping to explore badges more during the 2014/15 academic term 🙂 Oh and see it working in Mahara too!

Sam 🙂

PS: isn’t our new Moodle theme lovely!


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