I’m co-presenting at the AAEEBL Annual Conference 2014 :)

Exciting stuff!

After a series of online discussions with colleagues around the world, @solentroger and I will be doing a short presentation as part of a group online seminar at this year’s Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning Annual Conference in Boston, USA! Under the category ‘Building Capacity and Sustaining Change’, our presentation will showcase the types of things we have been working on and sharing within the online Mahara community:

Abstract: Reflecting and Connecting with the Mahara Community

Through bi-annual virtual meetings, conversations in social networks and occasional face-to-face meetings, the Mahara User Group (MUG) has continued to grow since 2011 with a membership that spans the globe. Our members are navigating through the implementation of the Mahara eportfolio open source software, including ensuring its ease of use, assessing learning, and gathering institutional data. This panel session will feature representatives from institutions who are working through in each of these areas and will include time for questions and discussions about the future direction of Mahara and eportfolios. 

  • Pace University:  Beth Gordon, Linda Anstendig & Samantha Egan
  • Southampton Solent University: Samantha Taylor & Roger Emery
  • SUNY Empire College: Michele Forte
  • Catalyst IT: Kristina Hoeppner
  • Plymouth State University: Marylena Sevigney


We have our first rehearsal in a month’s time – fingers crossed it goes well! Thanks goes to PACE Uni & Kristina from Catalyst for getting the giant ball rolling 🙂

Sam x




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