Call for #Mahara case studies on employability-focussed assessments

I love #Mahara – many people already know this, but I just felt like saying it again! It’s so flexible and can support so many processes, projects and purposes. One area that I’m really keen on is its use as a tool to foster students’ personal development and employability.  Under this ‘umbrella’, you can use it for:

  • An ‘About me’ virtual shop window to display work
  • A Personal Development log
  • A Reflective journal
  • A Career progress log
  • A mixture of the above!

What is this post about?
I love reading how other universities and education providers are using Mahara, and I wanted to see if I could collate some great examples and pull out some key pointers into how to write great assignment/activity briefs. You can see my call below:

Outputs from this:

  1. I am hoping to build a Mahara page that will link to all of the case studies sent to me. All authors/owners will be attributed and will have full ownership of the data contained in the pages.
  2. I also aim to produce a written paper/presentation on the different ways Mahara is being used around the world for employability, personal and career development.
  3. If there’s time, I’d like to pull together a ‘Teacher’s Toolkit‘ that they can use to help them to use Mahara to embed employability, personal and career development into their curriculum.

So please, let me now what you’re up to!

Sam x


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