Getty Images – sounds good to me!

Recently my colleague and friend @nixsight informed me of the news that Getty Images will now allow the embedding of some of its images for free! This is brilliant as it means I can now encourage my students to use pictures to brighten up their blogs and ePortfolios, learn about copyright & creative commons, and find out the power of being able to embed ‘stuff’ into a web page.

In Mahara we have now added Getty to our list of allowable ‘things’ to embed in an iFrame and so that now works 🙂 (see how we do it here)

I hope that Getty have a sound business model and won’t revoke their permissions. If a few adverts pop-up in future then I think I will be fine with it. I love the fact that the image owner’s details are there too! I feel that I’m helping the photographers/artists by being a free ‘art gallery’ for them as you can share their work and buy their work via my blog/web page.

Anyway, here’s what embedded Getty Images look like:

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

3 thoughts on “Getty Images – sounds good to me!

  1. jPodcaster says:

    I think it is really good that Getty are doing this – they have some amazing images. I also think the attribution is tastefully done and they have a very liberal definition of ‘non-commercial use’ which is good. However I still like to recommend creative commons licensed images to people as they have a lot more flexibility over where and how they can be used. Plus if the rumours are correct and Getty start introducing ads (“and reserves the right to place advertisements in the Embedded Viewer or otherwise monetize its use without any compensation to you.”) then that is a concern, especially if ads start appearing in myCourse pages!

    • Sam Taylor (Moss) (@samwisefox) says:

      I agree it could be an issue for Moodle pages if Getty start pushing adverts through, but then perhaps the faculties could decide to factor in a budget for stock photos to be saved to an internal repository for all staff to use in their VLE pages. If having bright and beautiful images on VLE pages improves student engagement then perhaps that’s something that could be explored? But how it can be measured is another thing 🙂

      For blogs though, me personally I wouldn’t mind. Nothing in life is free – even MOOCs! They still cost in time invested in doing them 😉

      CC images need to be promoted more to our staff though, especially for use in their presentations and resources – that’s something I’d like to see more of at this Uni 🙂

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