My first certificate from Lynda.comHere at Solent we are very fortunate to be able to run a pilot project looking into whether or not giving our staff and students accounts could encourage independent learning, thus improve productivity, standards, grades etc. I’m so excited about this as it gives all those on the pilot a brilliant opportunity to either up-skill or learn something new!

From the website:

“ helps anyone learn software, creative, and business skills to achieve personal and professional goals. Members receive unlimited access to a vast library of high quality, current, and engaging video tutorials taught by great teachers who are also working professionals.”


  • All staff will have account
  • 3000 students (1000 in each faculty) will have accounts
  • Pilot will last until August 2015

Myself and my other two Learning Technologist colleagues have chosen a faculty each (mine being the Faculty of Maritime Technology), and will work with the course teams who will be piloting with their students. The system will also allow us to pull out reports showing how active each account is and what each enrolled person is looking at and working on. So far in my faculty I have spoken to teams of staff who are wanting to pilot this and I’m very please with the mix of courses ranging from entertainment tech to computing, architectural technology to interior design.

Types of support/tutorials:

  • Software tutorials (Adobe, CAD, Microsoft etc)
  • Programing Languages (Java, C++, ASP.Net etc)
  • Management skills
  • Business skills
  • Employability advice
  • Teaching skills

See example of a playlist created in Personal Development & Employability Skills

At the end of a course, you can download a certificate (see image at the top). This can then be shared with your LinkedIn account:


So, as you can see I’m going to be very busy over the next 18 months, so with that in mind I’m going to tootle off and get to it!


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