Let the first day of term begin!

Today is day 1 of the 2012/13 academic year at Solent.  I have a number of missions that I want to try to successfully complete by the summer:

  1. Turnitin for great grades
    I want to change the attitude of staff and students here at Solent (one of my colleague’s (Lorry) dreams) where students do actually submit their work days before their deadline, and try to reduce the high similarity index. Being able to re-write information and research from others (and of course attributing the work to them) will help the students gain a higher grade for their work, rather than have lots of chunks of quotes with very little independent thought. I hope lecturers will understand this and pass it on to their students
  2. myPortfolio (Mahara) usage
    There is a huge uptake this year with Mahara – either to build research portfolios for assessment or to create CV portfolios ALSO for assessment. I hope to have a few really good case studies to present at next year’s Mahara UK conf or MoodleMoot.
  3. myCourse (Moodle) good practice
    I want to help lecturers to stop cluttering their pages with lots of links to websites and resources and use features such as webpages to house chunks of text and folders to house resources. We currently have a help site for staff, but I hope they do come to us for training. http://mycourse.solent.ac.uk/staff
  4. More collaboration with external partners
    I have been involved in a few projects with external businesses. Recently I have been working with the NHS Health, Innovation and Education Clusters for Wessex and Thames Valley (portal.solent.ac.uk/inhaler) and I’d love to do more! This involves designing short online CPD courses for staff to upskill/upgrade their existing knowledge. I’d also like to deliver more training on Blended Learning to external education providers. We recently offered and delivered the following course to the Royal Artillery Centre for Professional Development and are keen to offer it to others too! http://learn.solent.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=288




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