Solent’s Mahara Case Study for JISC

JISC have recently released an e-Portfolio Implementation Toolkit and a number of video case studies aimed at any institution considering adopting an ePortfolio system.

On their project page ( JISC state that,

The online resources, five video case-studies and an online toolkit for managers and practitioners, explore the issues, challenges and benefits of scaling up e-portfolio use across a university or college, and offer opportunities to explore the pros and cons of different approaches and methodologies.

The project was led by the University of Nottingham and looks at a variety of ePortfolio platforms and how they have been implemented. There were 18 case studies in total including 12 Universities, 5 Further Education providers and 1 Professional Body from the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Southampton Solent University offered their usage of Mahara for Personal Development Planning as a case study for this project. Our video case study can be seen below (please ignore my large face!):


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