Open Learn – amazing free courses

I’m addicted to learning – I can’t help myself! I hate not knowing an answer to a question!

Years ago I started a 10 credit unit at the Open University in the hope that after completing six of these short level 1 units I could end up with a Certificate in Contemporary Science. Well, that backfired as I went through so many life-changing situations that I couldn’t keep up.

Now, I’m feeling twitchy – it’s been 10 months since I finished my PostGrad Certificate in Blended Learning and I feel the need to gain more knowledge outside of my job role. This week I joined up to do another 10 credit unit in Neighbourhood Nature and I aim to finish it by the end of January!

Anyway, as well as that I’ve recently taken one of the OU’s free online course – The Frozen Planet. This was a great little unit – 8 hrs long and really informative! It covered various things such as longitude and latitude, seasons, temperatures, albedo and how we define the arctic and antarctic regions.

There are so many more little units like this that I want to do (see OpenLearn’s complete listing). Below is my list of units that I can’t wait to start!

  1. An Introduction to Music Theory
  2. Getting Started on Classical Greek
  3. Working with Young People: Roles and Responsibilities
  4. Climate Change
  5. Earthquakes
  6. Exploring Sport Online: Athletes and Efficient Hearts
  7. Maths for Science
  8. Proteins
  9. The Big Bang
  10. The Moon
  11. Using numbers and handling data

Definitely a science theme going on there! I hope to have completed at least half of these by Next december (2012!)


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